2 Vaseline Green Depression Glass Measuring Cup w/Reamer

1: 1 Pint glass measuring cup with reamer. Stamped “T & S Handmade Made in U.S.A” on the bottom. Has some chipping along the rim at the spout. Is 5 1/4 inches tall, 6 3/4 with reamer. 2. 2 cup glass measuring cup with reamer. No visible markings. Nice vertical line pattern. Some minor chipping…


Heisey Twist #1252 Moongleam Tableware

Heisey made this pattern from 1928-38. Some shown here are pretty hard to find in this pattern and color. We have here the 9.75 inch ice bucket (handle not included), 3 3/8  in tall hotel sugar, 4 1/8 in tall sugar, 2 1/4 in tall toothpick holder, 4 3/4 in tall cruet (to top of…


Scarce Heisey Koors #3480 Moongleam Water Set

This is a beautiful and scarce 7 piece water set from Heisey. Manufactured 1925-30s, this is the Koors #3480 3 pint pitcher with Moongleam handle and foot and 6 water glasses with Moongleam feet. All feature a diamond optic body. None are marked which is normal for these items and is written as such in…


Buddy L Sand and Gravel & Scoop n Load

Cool set of construction vehicles from Buddy L. Although made in different decades, these two toys show very well together. These are all original. The Buddy L Sand and Gravel dump truck was manufactured in 1949. It is approximately 13.5 inches long. Green cab and cream colored dump bed. Labels are yellowed from age and…


Haviland France Limoges 3 Piece Coffee Creamer Covered Sugar

This set is Haviland and Company Limoges. A 3 piece set with a coffee pot, covered sugar and creamer. We can date this prior to 1931 based on the backmarks. Beautiful scalloped edges, dainty blue and pink flowers and gold handles and accents. The pattern number shown inside the lids is 9187. Pot is 8.5″…


1850s Mary Todd Lincoln China Porcelain Head Doll

Well, first off vintage China dolls are not our area of expertise. But this is one we could not walk away from even knowing nothing about it. The tag shown around her neck says “1850’s China Porcelain Head Mary Todd Lincoln”. There are no other markings on her. She has cloth limbs, hands and feet….


Prewar Pressed Steel Marx DC-4E Mainliner Toy Airplane

I had a bit of hard time figuring out the manufacturer of this plane or any other information about it as it was one I had never seen. The “tail dragger”, nose up landing gear added to my confusion. But thanks to “Sandman” for clearing this all up for me. This plane was manufactured late…


Tin Litho Wind-Up Tricycle Elephant Toy US Zone Germany

A vintage tin litho circus elephant wind-up toy made in the U.S. Zone – Germany as noted on the ankles of the elephant. When wound up with the built in key, the elephant rides his tricycle scooter to open his whirly blade umbrella. I believe this toy was made mid 20th century in the American…


1888 Improved Order of Red Man T.O.T.E Chart

Our Totem, Improved Order of Red Men Chart; lithograph’s central image shows a group of Indians around a fire; surrounding the center are eight vignettes of Indian life including: Indians near a ship, Indians fighting at burning village, Indian chief meeting non-Indian, Indian with hostage tied to tree meets four other indians, Indian meeting man…


Exquisite Fischer J Budapest Flower Frog c1880

This is a beautiful and lavishly decorated porcelain flower frog by Ignac Fischer. It bears the early backstamp “Fischer J Budapest”. This type of vase was intended to hold short flower blooms through its reticulated top. Vibrant blues, greens, reds browns and gilt. The feet of this frog sweep in from the top and then…