24 Inch Porcelain Bull Capodimonte Soup Tureen with Ladle



Beautiful delicate flowers adorn the neck and back of this massive beast of serving ware. Tureen is in the shape of a bull and is complete with it’s original ladle.

I am not sure of the capacity of this tureen but it would hold a huge amount of soup. I found this at auction last year and had no idea of the actual size of it. I placed an absentee bid and I won. I drove a total of 5 hours to pick this up upon learning that it was 24 inches long.

Am finally getting around to having the lid repaired on it. It has a crushed but repaired edge and the tip of a flower is lost. I haven’t used this repairer before but they have a great reputation so we’ll see what happens. One of the horns of the bull is also repaired by the prior owner. It wasn’t done well so if all goes well with this other restoration, I think I will have that done as well. I will share photos of the before and after once it is complete.

Now to find a space large enough to store this…..


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