1876 Adam’s Syn Chronological Chart Or Map Of History


We will be receiving this chart/book in the next couple of days and are very excited about it.

I was able to find this 2nd edition of Adam’s Syn Chronological Chart Or Map Of History in excellent condition a few weeks ago. For those of you unfamiliar with this book, it is a huge and impressive twenty three foot long chart showing 5,885 years of history, from 4004 B.C.. to 1881 A.D. First issued in 1871, Adams put out several editions in many formats. Rosenberg and Grafton in “Cartographies of Time” say that as a timeline, Adams Synchronological Chart “was ninetheenth-century America’s surpassing achievement in complexity and synthetic power.

The only thing flaw with this copy is a crumbling spine. We may have it repaired professionally before we put it in inventory. The boards are in great shape with just a minor rubbing. The size of the book is 27 x 13 inches approximately.

You might want to watch for this one!!


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