1850s Mary Todd Lincoln China Porcelain Head Doll


Well, first off vintage China dolls are not our area of expertise. But this is one we could not walk away from even knowing nothing about it.

The tag shown around her neck says “1850’s China Porcelain Head Mary Todd Lincoln”. There are no other markings on her. She has cloth limbs, hands and feet. The dress she is wearing is soiled in spots and is off white in color. Not sure if that is toning or the original color. She has undergarments and a dainty shaw.

This doll stands about 7 inches tall. She has a couple of visible hairline fractures (?) on her back. One you can faintly feel. Some loss of paint from her hair. Someone has glued some flowers in her hair. One has since fallen off but we have it. No chips that I can see or feel otherwise. She is lovely.

Please ask any specific questions as we do not know what is most important to collectors for this type doll. If you can offer any information about it, we would love to know.

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