Cast Metal Post Finial Boy Feeding Chicken


This was probably my favorite find of the year. Surely not the prettiest and not the most valuable, But one that I cannot let myself part with.

The adorable face of this little boy and the joy he has for the chicken he feeding, makes this a very charming piece. This finial stands about 13 inches tall 9 inches across. Of course it is hollow on the inside but make no mistake, this thing is heavy.  Almost 12 pounds. I was advised that there was a good chance this is bronze but have taken it to a dealer, with more experience than myself, to research it.

It is not in perfect shape, nor would you want it to be. It shows its age beautifully with nice patina. Little guy is missing part of a finger and has a 1 inch split in the back of one arm. Hat is tattered around the edges. But in my opinion, he is perfect.

I will update this page as more information is found out.



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