1965 Buddy L Fix My Flat Tow Truck Wrecker

A nice example of the 1965 pressed steel Buddy L Flat Tire Wrecker. This one come with the side mirror, spare tire , original hook and cord, and battery chute for the flashing red light on the top. There is not light bulb present but should work just fine with one. You will need 2…


Buddy L Sand and Gravel & Scoop n Load

Cool set of construction vehicles from Buddy L. Although made in different decades, these two toys show very well together. These are all original. The Buddy L Sand and Gravel dump truck was manufactured in 1949. It is approximately 13.5 inches long. Green cab and cream colored dump bed. Labels are yellowed from age and…


Prewar Pressed Steel Marx DC-4E Mainliner Toy Airplane

I had a bit of hard time figuring out the manufacturer of this plane or any other information about it as it was one I had never seen. The “tail dragger”, nose up landing gear added to my confusion. But thanks to “Sandman” for clearing this all up for me. This plane was manufactured late…


Tin Litho Wind-Up Tricycle Elephant Toy US Zone Germany

A vintage tin litho circus elephant wind-up toy made in the U.S. Zone – Germany as noted on the ankles of the elephant. When wound up with the built in key, the elephant rides his tricycle scooter to open his whirly blade umbrella. I believe this toy was made mid 20th century in the American…


Late 1800s Cast Iron Horse Drawn Trolley

Well this one has me stumped. We were told by the owner of it’s age but they had no other details about it. Early cast iron horse drawn trolley. It clearly is old and not a modern reproduction because of the detail, smoothness and build quality. It is not marked in anyway nor is there…


1922 Arcade Coupe Rare 9in

A scarce Arcade Manufacturing cast Iron 9 inch Coupe. Schiffer Book for Collectors’ Cast Iron Toys book says that this toy was produced from 1922-1927. It is large and heavy. Has the detachable spare cover that has the year 1922 in raised letters. Spoked wheels. There is no driver included but they can be found here easily…


1900s Lehmann Balky Mule Tin Litho

These old Lehmann toys are so much fun. I am sure as a child in the early 1900’s that getting this toy as a gift brought about a lot of excitement. Heck, it did when I found this one. This is the Balky Mule. Made in Germany by Lehmann. Is key driven on the bottom….


A.C. William Cast Iron Road Scraper 6in Blue

Circa 1920s. This is the 6in version (came in 3 sizes) of the blue road scraper by AC Williams. Non removable driver and nickel wheels. Paint is very good on the vehicle. Wheels show rust. These old cast iron toys were built to last…and they have! We do not sell modern versions of these toys…