1922 Arcade Coupe Rare 9in

A scarce Arcade Manufacturing cast Iron 9 inch Coupe. Schiffer Book for Collectors’ Cast Iron Toys book says that this toy was produced from 1922-1927. It is large and heavy. Has the detachable spare cover that has the year 1922 in raised letters. Spoked wheels. There is no driver included but they can be found here easily…


Marble Mantel Clock and Garnitures Sun Pendulum Charles H Hour

This is a Magnificent French Clock with Garnitures; it features gorgeous marble with green and black vein shades.  The clock has four stately marble columns with ornate swaged floral designs in the center and a Sun Burst pendulum. The three pieces are embellished from top to bottom with incredible detailed bronze decorations. The clocks face…


1900s Lehmann Balky Mule Tin Litho

These old Lehmann toys are so much fun. I am sure as a child in the early 1900’s that getting this toy as a gift brought about a lot of excitement. Heck, it did when I found this one. This is the Balky Mule. Made in Germany by Lehmann. Is key driven on the bottom….


A.C. William Cast Iron Road Scraper 6in Blue

Circa 1920s. This is the 6in version (came in 3 sizes) of the blue road scraper by AC Williams. Non removable driver and nickel wheels. Paint is very good on the vehicle. Wheels show rust. These old cast iron toys were built to last…and they have! We do not sell modern versions of these toys…


1920 Schieble Hill Climber Fire Ladder

Here is an old fire ladder truck made by Schieble. It is pressed steel and originally  would have a flywheel drive but this one is missing. It has two of it’s three original ladders. The tin driver is also missing. Original paint with scuffs and scratches and overall play wear. The ladders do have some…


Early 1900s Dayton Friction Hill Climber Locomotive Train

Wonderful old train engine. This is a pressed steel locomotive made by Dayton. Was probably manufactured between 1905 and 1915. This is a friction drive although this one slips and would need some adjustmenting. It is approximately 16 inches long and has a good weight to it. It has paint loss and play wear but…


1930s Metalcraft Erie 1501 Locomotive Tender with Open Car

This is a great example of the Steelcraft Erie 1501 locomotive with attached tender. It also includes an open car marked the same. As you can tell by photos, it is a rare to find this set together and retaining this much of it’s original paint. It is a large toy. The locomotive is 27″…


c1922 Schoenhut Barney Google and Spark Plug

Charming character set of Barney and Spark Plug by the A. Schoenhut Co. from 1922. Constructed of wood and is jointed. Barney stands about 7 inches tall while Spark Plug 8.5 by 6.5 inches. They are sporting their original clothing. Which shows a bit of wear and soiling. Good paint on the faces. An extremely cute…


Cast Metal Post Finial Boy Feeding Chicken

This was probably my favorite find of the year. Surely not the prettiest and not the most valuable, But one that I cannot let myself part with. The adorable face of this little boy and the joy he has for the chicken he feeding, makes this a very charming piece. This finial stands about 13…


1920 Branston Violet Ray Generator – Quackery

I have always been intrigued by the medical treatment our ancestors must have been subjected to. It actually is a bit terrifying if you ask me. Makes me so thankful for my annual flu shot. This kit is…something. The 1920 Branston Violet Ray Generator. My customers at my shop asked me if it worked before…